Beaverhouse Loop – 5 Days

This route starts out on some of the largest lakes in the Quetico wilderness and eventually takes you through numerous smaller lakes on your way back to Beaverhouse lake. The prevailing winds dictate that this route be run clockwise and with any luck you will enjoy tail winds on the larger lakes. This route offers numerous options to shorten your trip or add side trips. One interesting side trip is to pay a visit to the awe-inspiring collection of pictographs in Quetico located on the north arm of Quetico lake.


  • Wonderfully long paddle on Quetico lake
  • Logging relics on the portage to Quetico lake and Bentpine as well as some of the smaller lakes
  • Pictographs on Quetico are possible, as a side trip
  • Fewer paddlers on the smaller lakes
  • Total Distance: 45 Miles
  • Total Time: 19 Hours

Note: Click on map and use the + to Zoom In and – to Zoom Out

Outfitting Requirements