Nym, Rawn, French – 3+ Days

Rawn Lake, Quetico Provincial Park

One well maintained portage is all it takes to get onto this amazing trip thus making this trip accessible to kayakers and paddlers who prefer fewer portages. Batchewaung lake and the pickerel narrows never fail to disappoint with their amazing vistas and spectacular sunsets. This route allows you to set your own pace, explore the bays and islands that make Quetico so special and just “Paddle The Dream”.


  • Park at French lake and enjoy a portage free canoe trip.
  • Exit at Stanton Bay and avoid paddling out to French lake.
  • Change the route and enter by French and spend a few days on Rawn / Buckingham lake. Exit at Stanton.
  • Stay on Batchewaung and the Pickerel narrows and exit via Nym.


  • Amazing island sites
  • Great fishing and views through Batchewaung lake, Pickerel Narrows and the Rawn Narrows
  • We can park your car at French lake for a portage free trip. Simply put your boat(s) on the rack in the parking lot, grab a quick shower and drop off your rental gar at our shop on the way out.
  • Exploring Rawn lake
  • Add a couple of extra days to experience the tranquility of Art and Buckingham lakes
  • Total Distance: 33 Miles
  • Total Time: 16 hours
  • One well traveled portage from Nym to Batchewaung lake.

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A few photos from our Nym, Rawn, French route:

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