Quetico Permits

Quetico permits are required to enter the park. Quetico Provincial Park operates on a strict quota system with each park access point / ranger station being assigned a fixed number of entry permits per day. These Quetico permits are further divided between Canadian residents and Non-residents. Note that, as a certified Quetico outfitter we have access to the resident quota for Non-Resident reservations and are permitted to pickup your permit on your behalf.   

A few important points….

  • Reservations can not be made earlier than 5 months before your entry date E.g. Reserve on March 15th for entry on August 15th
  • Quetico Park is unique in the Ontario parks reservation system in that a $100 dollar trip deposit / permit is applied to your park fees.
  • A Non-refundable Ontario Parks reservation fee of $13.00 + Tax is also added to your $100 deposit
  • Limit: 9 people / permit

Quetico Permit Option 1 – We do it all for you

  1. Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will make your reservation for you. Note that we are one of the few Quetico outfitters certified by Quetico Provincial Park authorities to pick up your park permit on your behalf. 
  2. When you arrive at our outfitting center your permit will be ready and waiting for you.
  3. Permit services are only available to our guests requiring outfitting services.


Quetico Permit Option 2 – Do it yourself

  1. Making a back country reservation:
  2. Picking up your permit:
    • This can be done at any access point / ranger station in the park
    • Note that at certain times getting your permit can consume a lot of time.

Quetico Permit Information

A few more points……….

  1. Refund policies are as per the Ontario Parks reservation penalties 
  2. We understand that you may need to modify your reservation and we are glad to do that. But, the second change is going to cost you $40.
  3. Look here for Park Fees