Quetico Quiet Lakes Route – 5 Days

This Quetico canoe trip will take you across the park where you will enjoy some of the nicest lakes in the park. A shorter option than the Quetico Traverse but equally amazing adventure. A canoe trip that you will remember for a lifetime.

 Features Include::

  • Total Time: 24 hours – based on paddling speed of 2.5 Miles / hour and double portage 
  • Total Distance: 49.5 Miles
  • You can shorten the distance by exiting at Nym lake or Stanton Bay
  • A side trip to view the pictographs on Quetico lake
  • The beauty of Jesse lake and its numerous island will beacon you to stay a second night
  • The longest portages lead into and out of Jesse lake.

Note: Click on map and use the + to Zoom In and – to Zoom Out

Outfitting Requirements