Lerome to French Lake Route

Lerome to French Lake is a great quiet route.

The Lerome to French Lake route offers all the pleasures that the Quetico canoe country can provide. Beautiful lakes, portages you can tell stories about, wild scenery to spark the imagination, and as always, great fishing!

This route carries you through much of the Northern part of the park. You will pass pictographs, waterfalls, pristine wilderness lakes, and intimate trickling streams along the way. From the south end of this route, you can take a day trip to the famed “Chatterton Falls” or add a few days to explore the beautiful “Poets Chain” loop.

Lakes: Lerome, Bewag, Narrow, Cole, Cirrus, Kaskokwog, McAlpine, Quetico, Jean, Burntside, Rouge, Jean Creek, Sturgeon, Russell, Sturgeon Narrows, Twin Lakes, Dore, Pine, Pickerel, French

  • Drop-Off: Lerome
  • Pick-Up: French Lake
  • Number of Portages: 13
  • Longest Portage: 800m (1/2 miles)
  • Length of Trip: 137 km (85 miles)
  • Minimum Trip Length (days): 7-9
  • Trip Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult

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