Figure 8 Route (14+ Days)

Figure 8 canoe trip

The figure 8 Quetico route is a trip through the heart of the Quetico wilderness and the best that the park has to offer. You will start your journey at Stanton bay and will travel south through Pickerel lake,  Sauvage & Bonhomme Portages, Alice lake, Shelly Lake, Kahshahpiwi Creek, Kelfer lake, McNice lake, Shan Welsh lake, Mc Ewen lake, the Falls Chain, Kawnipi lake, Chatterton falls, Russel lake, Deux Rivieres portage and back to Stanton bay.

Features Include:

  • The old growth pines of McNice lake
  • Louisa Falls
  • Shan Walshe lake – Noted Biologist / Botanist and advocate in the preservation of Quetico
  • Falls Chain and its spectacular series of waterfalls
  • Kawnipi – Sigurd Olsen’s favorite lake
  • Chatterton Falls and its ultimate lunch spot
  • Duex Riviere – the voyageurs route


The figure 8 canoe trip includes numerous portages of which several are challenging. Lake travel across long narrow lakes is common with most travel being in a north / south direction. The prevailing winds usually come in from the west. With all that being said, the possibility of being wind bound needs to be considered as probable.

The figure 8 canoe trip route is perfect for those who can travel light and take advantage of paddling opportunities when the weather is fair. Given the length of the trip and the terrain; you should pack for 1 1/2 portages or doubles at most. This route offers opportunities to shorten or lengthen the trip as you prefer. Contact us to answer questions or to review your trip options & opportunities for the figure 8 canoe trip.

Total Distance: 139.5 Miles / 225 Kilometers
Total Time: 61 hours

Trip length is based on 16km (10 Miles)  per day with no rest days

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