Quetico Bays Trip (3 Days)

The Quetico bays canoe trip starts outside of Quetico Provincial Park on Nym lake. Nym is a wonderful place to start your canoe trip. It has several good camping spots close to the put in. You can arrive late or take a few hours or days to explore it’s numerous islands and secluded bays. Nym can get worked up so be prepared to wait out the wind before you head out to one of those amazing camp sites. The bass fishing is very good.

Heading South from the put in, you will pass a few cottages but the lake is generally very quiet. The portage to Batchewaung is well maintained and can be busy at times. The portage ends on a nice put in that is the perfect for a swim and a lunch in the shade.

Once on Batchewaung, keep to the right shore as you head to the point (nice sites) and down the narrows to Batchewaung Bay. Note the logging slides on the left shore. The entrance to the Pickerel narrows can have some very mild moving water that can be paddled or portaged on the left. Enjoy the narrows, the multitude of fishing opportunities and the secluded bays that abound.

Once on Pickerel lake keep to the right. You have several camp sites to choose from on this leg. Head east and cut across to Emerald island. Stay between Emerald island and Long island (Emerald Island Slot). Note that there are few campsites in the slot. One well place site exists dead ahead once you exit the slot.

Evaluate the weather and wind before heading across to Stanton bay. If you are unsure, wait it out!! Plot a direct line between the small islands and you will see Stanton Bay. Once in the mouth of Stanton bay, there are a couple of unverified sites and one decent site across from the takeout (please share it with other paddlers). The portage out is sloped upwards but has very scenic rock formations. We hope that you enjoy the Quetico bays trip.


  • Total Time: 8 hours
  • Total Distance: 23 miles
  • Good chance of a tail wind
  • Secluded bays
  • Nice campsites
  • Good fishing
  • Numerous options to extend your trip
  • Trip length is based on 16km (10 Miles)  per day with no rest days
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