Quetico Fishing

Big bass at Camp Quetico

Quetico fishing is nothing like other fishing areas in Ontario. Why? Because Quetico is in a part of Ontario where populations of lake trout and walleye can be found in the same lake. Many of the lakes in Quetico park, offer anglers the opportunity to catch walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and northern pike in the SAME DAY on the SAME LAKE!

The entire park receives very low fishing pressure. Most paddlers don’t fish and for the few who do fish; many practice catch and release fishing while keeping a fish or two for  a shore lunch or a well deserved supper. Seriously, fish literally die of old age in Quetico!

Quetico fishing has been protected for over 100 years, and except use by the Lac-La-Croix first nation, motorboats are prohibited. If you’re planning a Quetico canoe trip be sure to bring you fishing gear and lures for some fishing that will you will remember for years to come.

Fishing Resources…

How get permits, Outdoor cards and regulations for Zone 5 (Click Here)

Special rules and a map of Quetico fishing (Click Here)

Camp Quetico (Lure recommendations)

Visit our drive in fishing lodge (CampQuetico.ca)

2020 Fishing Licence Fees

Products Ontario Residents Canadian Residents Non-Canadian Residents
Outdoors Card $8.57 $8.57 $8.57
3-Year Sport Fishing Licence $79.71 $161.43 $240.57
3-Year Conservation Fishing Licence $45.21 $97.29 $152.13
1-Year Sport Fishing Licence $26.57 $53.81 $80.19
1-Year Conservation Fishing Licence $15.07 $32.43 $50.71
1-Day Sport Fishing Licence
(Outdoors Card not required with this licence)
$12.21 $14.71 $23.86
8-Day Sport Fishing Licence N/A N/A $52.38
8-Day Conservation Fishing Licence N/A N/A $30.52

The HST will be added to the fees shown below.


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