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Whether you a seasoned paddler or an eager novice planning your first Quetico canoe trip. It is always a good idea to contact a local Quetico outfitter. Local outfitters have detailed knowledge that can be of significant value to even the most experienced paddler. Information such as new park policies, access road conditions, seasonal trends, permit quotas. Here a few other reasons why reaching out to a local Quetico outfitter is a very good idea….

Quetico Provincial Park is a remote wilderness park

The park features numerous route options that vary from easy to extreme. Your outfitter has either paddled these routes or has solid information about the current conditions and information on what you can expect with any given route. E.g. The water levels at the Deux-rivieres portage.

Rough Roads..

Many paddling groups arrive with all their gear and boats with plans toQuetico Shuttle drive their personal vehicles to the various Quetico canoe entry points. This can be a very good plan or in some cases it can be decision that will seriously ruin their Quetico vacation. Why? Because local conditions vary. Roads that were in good condition a few seasons ago may not be passable due to recent weather or the maintenance status (or lack thereof). Try to imagine a flat tire (or two) on a remote one way road in the Quetico bush! As a certified Quetico outfitter, we have new shuttle vans are specifically setup with superior tires and suspensions to meet the demands of getting you and your gear to the put in and back out safely.

Why use a local Quetico Outfitter??

Here is another reason why you need to work with a local Quetico outfitter… Canoe Route Planning! It is a lot of fun to plan a Quetico canoe trip with friends and family. The problem with that is what we call “Map Madness“. Map madness is a condition that occurs mostly during the winter months when planning canoe trips. When reviewing maps and researching routes paddlers tend to create routes that do not allow enough time to rest and enjoy what Quetico has to offer. Simply put, these plans often find groups pushing through rain storms and / or enduring long days of paddling and portaging near the end of their trip to “make it out on time”. A good local outfitter who knows the park, will review your route with you and “adjust” your plans to ensure that you have enough time to enjoy your Quetico vacation.

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