Quetico Partial Canoe Outfitting

Quetico Partial Canoe Outfitting

Partial canoe outfitting for your Quetico canoe trip. We realize that some of our guests may need an item or two to complete their canoe kit. With that in mind, we maintain a full range of gear to supplement your needs.

All of our trail proven gear is thoroughly inspected and tested before it leaves our shop.

All prices in U.S funds



 Souris River Kevlar Canoe 44 lbs – Paddles, PFD’s & Saftey Kit

 $38.00 / day

Souris River Duralite Canoe 55 lbs – Paddles, PFD’s & Saftey Kit Camp Rentals Only

$30.00 / day

 Souris River Solo Kevlar Canoe – Paddles, PFD’s & Saftey Kit

$38.00 / day

 Expedition grade tent 

$15.00 / day

 Ostrom canoe pack with liner

 $5.00 / day

 Sleeping  bag

 $5.00 / day

 Sleeping Pad

 $3.00 / day

 Single Burner Coleman Peak One Stove – Naptha and fuel bottle(s) included

 $ 5.00 / day

 Double Burner Coleman Stove – Naptha and fuel bottle(s) included

 $ 6.00 / day

 Complete Cook kit (Pots, Pans, Plates, bowls, cups & etc; daily  rate/person)

 $ 2.50 / day

 Official Quetico Park Map

$16.00 / Map

 Food Barrel with harness

  $6.00 / day

 Our Paddlers Menu – Utensils, Food Barrel, Cooking Kit, 


 We offer shuttle service to all of the Canadian Quetico entry points.

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Feel free to contact us at (807) 929-2177 if you have any questions. 

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