Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial ParkQuetico Provincial Park is an internationally renowned wilderness paddling destination. The park encompasses over 1.1 million acres of rugged forests, stunning waterfalls and drinking water lakes. Quetico is a wilderness park. As a wilderness park, the portages and campsites are unmarked. Better yet, you are permitted to camp anywhere you choose. See Regulations

Quetico Provincial Park combines these rare qualities in an easily accessible paddling experience. Unlike southern parks, such as Algonquin and Killarney, Quetico allows you to travel and camp at your own pace for days in a solitude that is unique and rare in the world. The sense of freedom is as liberating as it is addictive. 

Quetico Provincial Park is accessed through remote staffed ranger stations with one drive-in ranger station / campground at Dawson Trail. Information about reservations and entry permits will be found through your local Quetico canoe outfitter or at the main park office in Atikokan.

Note that a interior reservation is not an entry permit. The interior reservation must be presented at one of the park ranger stations during business hours where they will prepare your entry permit. 

Quetico Provincial Park – Paddling Opportunities

Quetico offers a full spectrum of paddling experiences that range from a few hours to several weeks. For a nice evening paddle, you can rent a kayak at the Friends of Quetico store in the main pavilion for a few hours. For a pleasant day trip have a local canoe outfitter drop a boat off for you in the evening on the nearest canoe rack. All the life jackets (PFD), paddles and safety gear will be included as well as suggestions on where to paddle.

Quetico Provincial Park - The Pines
The Pines Beach

A day trip to the pines is a pleasant and easy way to have a glimpse of Quetico Provincial Park beyond the campground. It is very pleasant day trip down a twisty with lots of ducks and beavers. In takes about 1.5 hours to get to the pines with it’s amazing sandy beach and pleasant lake breezes. It’s a great place to swim and have a picnic lunch. 


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