Quiet Lakes Trip (5 Days+)

Quetico quiet lakes trip

The Quetico quiet lakes route will take you across the park. You will (Hopefully) enjoy paddling with the prevailing winds as you enjoy large and small lakes, pictographs, great campsites and some of the quietest lakes in the park. This route is shorter than the Quetico traverse but is as equally spectacular. A Quetico canoe trip that you will remember for a lifetime.

Features Include:

  • Total Time: 24 hour
  • Total Distance: 49.5 Miles / 80 Kilometers
  • You can shorten the distance by exiting at Nym lake or Stanton Bay
  • A side trip to view the pictographs on Quetico lake
  • The beauty of Jesse lake and its numerous island will beckon you to stay a second night
  • The longest portages lead into and out of Jesse lake
  • Trip length is based on 16km (10 Miles)  per day with no rest days.
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