Quetico Shuttles – Saganaga Lake

A shuttle within Canada to Saganaga Lake? Yes, Quetico Outfitters are now providing shuttle service to Saganaga lake!! 

This access gives our guests the option of being dropped off or picked up at Northern Lights lake, which allows direct access to Saganaga lake. This adds an extra days paddle on a beautiful crown land lake that offers exceptional campsites and amazing fishing.

The Saganaga shuttle will:

1. Eliminate the need for a RABC Permit ($30 / person) as you would clear regular customs at your point of entry and your entire route will be within Canada

2. Take about 4.5 hours to go from our outfitting center to the put-in

3. Opens new Quetico routes for our guests to explore

4. Our guest will save up to hundreds of dollars on a typical trip…………….

  • BWCA outfitters charge in the neighborhood of $45 US / day for canoes. Our Souris River Kevlar canoes rent for $38 / day Canadian.
  • If you opt to start at our outfitting center your park access fee will be $ 14.97/ night instead of the southern access rate of $21.47 for Cache Bay access. 

5. Unlike aircraft, our shuttle van is unlikely to get fogged in.

6. With the money you saved on your RABC, permits and canoes you could end your trip at a lodge on Northern Lights Lake Lodge and enjoy a gentle return to civilization with hot showers, licensed liquor store and maybe a night in a cozy cabin.

Outfitting Requirements

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