Quetico Tranquility Canoe Trip

Quetico Wilderness Outfitting
Quetico Tranquility Canoe Trip features an amazing mix of small intimate lakes and very large lakes with long stretches of portage free paddling. This canoe route includes Sue Falls, a world class pictograph as well as some of the quietest and prettiest lakes in the northern part of Quetico.
Your adventure begins on Lerome lake with a quick shuttle drop off (parking is not advised). Your first night will be spent outside the park on crown land so a park permit is not required for that night. We will make arrangements for our non-resident guests to camp on crown land. Expect to take about 8 hours of travel to reach the park boundary.
Once in the park you have two choices. You can avoid the portages into Kasakokwog and down the “McAlpine portage by staying on Cirrus lake and not see the pictographs on Quetico lake or press on. The McAlpine beaver dams will be the toughest but at least you are going downstream.
Once on Quetico lake it is clear sailing until the Oriana portage which is quickly followed by the portage into Jesse. Jesse lake offers light canoe traffic, amazing campsites and great places to explore and take pictures. Great place to spend a rest day.
The portage into Maria, Pickerel and the lift-over into Batchewaung are best done as a set so you can take advantage of the campsites on Batchewaung Bay and Batchewaung lake. One portage into Nym lake and you once again outside the park. Nym offers good bass fishing and lots of islands and bays to explore in the eastern part of the lake. The Quetico tranquility canoe trip is one that you will remember for years to come.

Features Include:

  • Total Distance: 60 Miles / 97 Kilometers
  • Total Time: 36 hours
  • Shorten the portages by avoiding the portages into Kasakawog and the McAlpine Portage
  • A side trip to view the pictographs on Quetico lake
  • The beauty of Jesse lake and its numerous island will beckon you to stay a second night
  • The longest portages lead into and out of Jesse lake
  • A great seven day solo trip
  • Trip length is based on 16km (10 Miles)  per day with no rest days.
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